I love gay boys. They can just be so unapologetically dirty about casual sex. That we should all live that way.

I was at brunch over the weekend with my friend, who shall remain nameless, and heard his tales of hot sexytimes as a cute young man living in the Castro. My jaw was dropping when he explained they had to shut down the steam room (permanently) at his gym because too many dudes were getting caught having orgies in there.

I was like, “No!”

And he was like, “Oh yes!”

I said I thought those types of sweaty stranger sex scenes only went down in gay male porn from the 70’s. Clearly, I was mistaken.

His gym isn’t some seedy pseudo work out basement with a bouncer at the door. It’s a legit establishment that also, apparently, serves as an ad hoc daytime sex club. Even though the steam room is closed (ohhhh the germs cooking in there), he said there’s always dudes jacking off in the shower and fucking openly in the locker room. I honestly couldn’t believe it.

“How do you get away with it?!”

“Honey, it’s a gym in the Castro in San Francisco, how are we not getting away with it.”

Okay, point taken. He’s gotten all kinds of freaky with strangers at the gym: sex, blowjobs, handjobs, you name it. He’s a self admitted slut, but that takes balls.

I asked him, “What about the ladies?!” It’s a co-ed gym, were the women getting down, too?

“Honey, I don’t know what they do over there in their locker room, but I hope they’re having as much fun as we are.”

Somehow, knowing women, I don’t think they’re engaging in mutual masturbation parties in the showers. Maybe there’s a “sharing our feelings” circle instead?

Have fun at your next workout!

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