My wife and I travel endlessly. For work, for home exchanges, for love. We're in the Bay Area, but our careers are online. While we travel, I write.

I write about lady love, about traveling, about home remodels when both women are not handy, about anxiety—oh my god my brain—about trying to navigate the world as a graceful human being, about sobriety. About so much stuff.

Recent Posts

I love Prague. It sings in my bohemian heart. I imagine it's awakened my slavic roots. Or maybe I just love the fact I can navigate the public transport with more ease than San Francisco's MUNI. This city that feels like home. I'm roaming the streets and museums, bundled in winter wear, feeling free. The grey sky
Two pale white arms with seven swatches of blush and bronzer
Searching for flattering bronzer and blush for redheads with over 40 skin? Do the usual bronzers and blushes for redheads give you clowny blotch face? You're not alone. As my skin has aged to a fine, new configuration and my freckles have begun to merge, my go-to shimmery blushes have betrayed my newly 'mature' skin.


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