My wife and I travel endlessly. For work, for home exchanges, for love. We're in the Bay Area, but our careers are online. While we travel, I write.

I write about lady love, about traveling, about home remodels when both women are not handy, about anxiety—oh my god my brain—about trying to navigate the world as a graceful human being, about sobriety. About so much stuff.

Hello ~ I’m a monthly columnist for print publications Oakland Magazine and The Monthly. My work has appeared in online publications like The Week, Thrillist, The Bold Italic, and Bustle. I’ve been a copywriter for and Timberland and crafted upwards of a thousand content pieces for I explore social media trends for Adobe Spark, interviewing the country’s brightest marketing minds. I’m also great at making oatmeal. There just really is no limit.


My wife and I travel the globe together, thanks to the wonders of online work. It wasn’t always this way! Fear held me back for so long. I thought I had to have an office job, to live a certain life. Fast forward to 2013. After some steep learning curves, including a turn as a delivery gal, I built a business writing content for businesses. I even learned how to pay estimated taxes! Now I’m spreading my wings and making online space for my personal writing work.


I’ve been sober since 2011 and much of my life and writing is about navigating each new day and the anxieties, joys, and weirdness that brings.
 Thank you for reading—I’m beyond delighted you’re here.


Annie has a strong voice

Annie has a strong voice that resonates with our smart and savvy millennial readers. She takes initiative and always delivers articles on or before deadline. She’s a very professional writer and contributor, and I recommend her for any content or writing work.

Sara Tan

West Coast Fashion & Beauty Director,

Annie is fantastic

Annie is fantastic. She consistently delivers high-quality content even on tight timelines, works well independently or as part of a team, communicates clearly, and has a huge range in her repertoire: She can move between lifestyle stories, interviews and variety of consumer and business-facing content with ease and it’s always on time. I can’t recommend Annie enough – she’s truly a delight to work with.

Wendy Taylor

Director of Content,, Former Director of Content,


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