My wife and I travel endlessly. For work, for home exchanges, for love. We're in the Bay Area, but our careers are online. While we travel, I write.

I write about lady love, about traveling, about home remodels when both women are not handy, about anxiety—oh my god my brain—about trying to navigate the world as a graceful human being, about sobriety. About so much stuff.

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Welcome to Pretty Spiritual Podcast! Our podcast explores how to live real—messy, imperfect, beautiful—lives using spiritual tools and principles.

Each episode we explore one topic—anything from depression to PTSD to relationships to travel—and share our own personal experiences with that topic. Then, we talk about the spiritual tools we’re using to try to navigate those themes with a little bit of grace. Every other episode we bring on a guest, to share experiences and voices beyond our own.

We talk about all kinds of spiritual and practical tools for navigating life. Think: meditation techniques and breathing exercises; creating a network of accountability and trusted advisors; or sometimes a spiritual tool is as straightforward as getting out of bed and putting on your pants for the day.

Our episodes are sweet and tender, silly and—we hope—smart, and a gift from our hearts. Come connect with our vibrant community of spiritual friends on social media. We have over 4,500 subscribers on Insight Timer and 130,000 downloads across platforms! We’d love for you to listen and subscribe on your favorite channel, too.


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